IJEBM Editorial Board


Charles Zenkin
California State University, USA
email: editor@ijebm.org

Member of Editorial and Reviewer Board

Tom Chen,Faculty, USA
Michael Atin, Research Scientist, USA
Eric Eano, Research Associate, France
Dawn McDonald, Faculty, New Zealand
Anton Bioski, Faculty, USA
Nitish Sarkar, Faculty, India
Mohammad Ali Abbas, Faculty, Malaysia
David Honter, Faculty, USA
Bastaski Isamoi, Faculty, Poland
Peter Auttune, Faculty, UK
John Stain, Scientific Project Manager, Canada
Md. Munirul Islam, Team Leader, Bangladesh
Rajesh Khanna, Faculty, India
Thongchai Thiachu, Faculty, Thailand
Yoo Quang, Faculty, China
Vladislav Alfredov, Research Engineer, Norway
Andrew Robart, Faculty, USA
Mohammad Jubayer Sardar, Faculty, Bangladesh
Mohammad Kuddus-bin-Taher, Faculty, Jordan
Md. Eyasin Arafat, Faculty, Bangladesh
Iysa Mandur, Research Associate, Iran
Tanjivo Zyatov, Faculty, Belgium
Micheal Smith, Faculty, South Africa
Richard Alfredo, Faculty, Italy
Roger Shephar, Faculty, The Netherlands
Tomoaki Tiyakodu, Faculty, Japan
Satenia Istanibo, Faculty, Austria
Zhango zhuang, Faculty, China
Jowenho Weikarto, Faculty, Germany
François koatino, Research Scientist, Italy
Diego Akuntosh, Faculty, Russian Federation