Aims and Scope

International Journal of Engineering and Biomathematics (IJEBM) is a peer reviewed journal in the field of All Engineering, Biological and Biomedical mathematics. The journal is published 6 issues per year. All papers will be blind reviewed. Accepted papers will be available online (free access).

The journal publishes original papers in the field of All Engineering, Biological and Biomedical mathematics, mathematical ecology, infectious disease dynamical system, biostatistics and bioinformatics which covers, but not limited to the following scope:

Computer Science
Video transmission and analysis
Image and Signal processing
Biomedical Image processing
Artificial Intelligent System
Pattern Recognition
Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
Computer Graphics
Computer Application Technology
Embedded System
Natural language processing
VLSI design and testing
Wireless Sensor Networks
Electronics and Communication Engineering Techniques
Cloud Computing and Applications
Internet of Things
Adaptive Signal Processing
Antennas and Propagation
Bioinformatics Engineering
CDMA System
Computational Electromagnetics
Electromagnetic Fields and Optoelectronics
Fourier Transform and Fourier Optics
Mathematical Physics
Microwave Engineering
Mobile Communications
Multimedia Networking
Multirate Signal Processing
Object-Oriented Programming
Optical Communication Systems
RF Microwave Wireless Systems
Video Signal Processing
Electrical Materials and Process
Electromagnetic and Photosonics
Electromagnetic and Applied Superconductivity
Electro-magnetic and Photonics
High Voltage Engineering and Insulation Technology
Industrial Process Control and Automation
Inverter and Converter Technology
Integrated optics and electro-optics devices
Power System Modeling, Simulation and Analysis
Robotics and atomization engineering
Signal Processing
Smart Grid
Solar Power Generation
Transmission & Distribution Systems and Apparatus
3D Semiconductor Device Technology
Adaptive Signal Processing
Advanced Electro-magnetics
Biomedical Electronics
Electronics-Medical Electronics
Electronics Devices and Communications
Embedded Systems
Fiber optics and fiber devices
Integrated Optics
Network Planning and Design
Software Engineering Electronics